Questions to ask when choosing an institute

Questions to ask when choosing an institute

There are a lot of institutes that are providing the facility of doing advanced excel training courses in Dubai and you can avail this facility when you are known to the basics of excel because they will not tell you about how to open a new sheet or how to draw a table in these advanced courses as it is assumed that advanced course students know the basics before they enroll. When you are having an interest in managing bigger stocks then you can get the logistics and supply chain management training in Dubai in which you will get to know about this field and how to work smart for better results. Here are a few questions that you have to ask:

Can I learn it for free?

There are a lot of students who are not able to afford the fees of different advanced level institute as there fee is more than there income or savings so people will often ask about free education on different levels. As the advanced level study of excel is concerned, you can get that while having a certificate from the Microsoft excel and the main advantage is that these classes will be online so you can avail this opportunity from any country of the world.

Can I learn it in few days?

Excel has vast information and functions in that which you cannot learn in few days. There will complete courses of about 6 to 9 months and even then you will not get to know all the functions until you do the work on excel by yourself and explore all the features of that. There will be a lot of things which you will learn over a period of time so you have to be patient while learning.

How to get certificate?

When you are learning online then you have to register yourself with the Microsoft office excel specialist on their website and then you have to do the exam which is also online and there will be mostly multiple choice questions or they as about some formulas. To get the certificate, you have to pass the test with more than 700 score but if you get less than that then you have to apply again after some time. This time limit is written on the website also read the instructions carefully.